Maintenance Free Batteries


SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. operates in the field of Production and Distribution of Integrated Energy Systems and Special Specifications Battery Cells, with a manpower of 650 people. Our industrial plant is located in Northern Greece and is one of the highly specialized battery manufacturing plants in Europe.
In particular, SUNLIGHT branded product range includes over 1,500 specialized products such as Submarine Batteries, Batteries for Defence Applications, Ni-Cd Industrial Batteries, Lead Acid Traction Batteries (PzS), Lead Acid Stationary Batteries (OPzS), VRLA Batteries, Industrial Rectifiers for Stationary Systems, UPS Systems, Diesel Generators, Telecom Power Supply Systems and Autonomous Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems.


FIAMM Group, a family owned enterprise, was created in 1942, serving the Italian government with the production of Electric Utility Vehicles. We have developed into the largest horn manufacturer in the world, and a recognized leader in Lead Acid Battery technology, both for the automotive and Industrial industries. FIAMM has also gained a substantial position in the Automotive, Telecomm, and GPS Antenna markets with the acquistition of MAG, a market leading French firm.


Exide Technologies, with operations in more than 80 countries, is one of the world’s largest producers and recyclers of lead-acid batteries. The Company’s four global business groups – Transportation Americas, Transportation Europe and Rest of World, Industrial Energy Americas and Industrial Energy Europe and Rest of World – provide a comprehensive range of stored electrical energy products and services for industrial and transportation applications.