Cables Ladders and Trays

Cable Trays

Cable tray is an economical wire management system designed to support and protect electrical wires and cables. Cable tray has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Cable tray systems can provide significant advantages in cable fill over other wiring methods. This Can provide savings in the Size or number of raceways required thereby reducing both material and labor costs.BS Enterprises brands, trough, solid bottom, and Channel type tray is available in steel and aluminum. These are available in various and load depths for many applications including primary service entrance, main power feeders, branch wiring, instruments and communication cables.

Cable Ladders

It contains of two longitudinal side rails connected by individuals by individuals cross members or rungs. Ladder designs are very popular due to their versatility and lower costs. They also provide: maximum ventilation for conductor cooling, smooth edges on side rails and rungs to protect cables for easy cable fastening when required.